‘The Brave’ on NBC (RECAPS)

Here are Drunk TV recaps for episodes of The Brave on NBC.

Enhanced Protection (October 23, 2017)
When the Defense Intelligence Agency gets wind of an attack on a peace summit in Nigeria attended by a US ambassador, Dalton & the team are thrust into action & contend with a hostage situation at a mall. A taut, tight & terrific episode highlighting The Brave’s strength as a stand-alone story machine. Back at headquarters, director Campbell learns more about her son’s death when she receives an unexpected surprise. This episode saw an uptick in the ratings, a good sign for a show on the ratings bubble.

Break Out (October 16)
Deputy Director Campbell joins our brave souls on a mission to an Afghani military prison hoping to interrogate an American who joined the Taliban & might have intel on a potential attack. Before you know it, all hell breaks loose as the Taliban prisoners stage a prison break! Can Dalton & crew escape with the prisoner before Taliban reinforcements arrive and kill everyone? Having just watched an episode of The CW’s Valor at 9 p.m., I flipped over to CBS at 10 o’clock looking for SEAL Team before realizing it’s NBC’s The Brave that airs Monday at 10! Who can keep these shows straight? (Can’t wait to add S.W.A.T. to my list in November to muddy the waters even more.) Thankfully, The Brave has a light, action-packed approach that continues to tickle my throwback fancy to action/adventure shows of the 60s, 70s & 80s. Unfortunately, viewership still hovers around 5 million, likely not enough for such an expensive show to continue for long on a Big 3 network.

The Greater Good (October 9, 2017)
Our team is in Mexico attempting to plant a bug on a paranoid arms dealer (Andrew Howard) who supplies weapons to terrorists.  The team is aided by an undercover Mexican agent (Lakin Valdez) and a mole in the terrorist organization, Sofia (Gabrielle Walsh), who happens to be the leader’s mistress (Ohhhh crap!). We get some backstory on series regular, analyst Hannah (Sofia Pernas), and learn a bit about her scars (in more ways than one). Good, believable guest turns by all involved in this fun outing that continues to echo the ghosts of Mission: Impossible & A-Team past. Throw in a well staged car chase where the team has to finagle a way to plant that bug on the bad guy & you have an hour of throwback TV that any fan of classic television can appreciate. Ratings continued to hold in the 5-million viewer range…a good sign, but it’s too bad more people are finding this gem.

Moscow Rules (October 2, 2017)
C’mon guys, it’s all about teamwork! And this week the team is charged with rescuing captured & injured CIA operative Cassie Conner (Stacey Farber in a great action turn – wow, she kicks some ass!), whose team is caught off guard in the Ukraine. Handsome team leader Dalton continues his larger-than-life hero act (almost cartoon-like – think Duke from G.I. Joe), but it’s reassuring knowing he’s in charge. Team sniper Jaz goes at it with fellow teammate & medic, McG, as she gets emotionally caught up in the team’s reluctance to wade into danger to save her fellow woman warrior. Meanwhile, back at headquarters, agency head Patricia Cooper (Anne Heche, better in this second episode) deals with both the mission and her superior, who shows up out of nowhere to tell her the team MUST succeed in this mission. The Brave is fast becoming a fun, tight, fast-moving hour-long adventure, reminiscent of The A-Team (how about that bloody handprint-on-the-wall gag they pull on those Russian baddies?). Hopefully next time more viewers will tune in than the 5.17 million recorded for this episode. (One minor quibble: whatever happened to the van-on-the-beach finale from the first episode? They “discussed” the fallout early in this episode, but it wasn’t a good way to pay off such a great cliffhanger.)

Pilot (September 25, 2017)
It’s Law & Order, Mission: Impossible (the real Mission: Impossible, not those Tom Cruise films), M.A.S.K.& a wee bit of G.I. Joe for the grown up ’80s kids. In the pilot episode we meet “The Brave,” a team of highly skilled special ops whose missions take them around the globe, righting wrongs, rescuing those in need and generally kicking terrorist ass along the way. In their first mission to Syria, the team must save a kidnapped American surgeon who we learn was taken not for the fun of it, but because a bad guy once thought dead is in need of some medical procedures. Leader Adam Dalton (Mike Vogel) assembles his team, complete with Mission: Impossible-style interruptions to his squad’s “everyday lives” (they’re variously hangin’ with fam, shootin’ hoops, etc., before answering that all-important pager to immediately leave for headquarters & prep for a Middle East action affair.) Anne Heche stars as the head of the team who hangs with the analysts in a sort of 24-like/CTU high-tech office. (The Law & Order approach — analysts interpret the data; field agents use that data to bring the bad guys in). A good first episode that throws a lot of characters at the viewer, but the action takes center stage in The Brave, complete with a familiar closing line: “Let’s go home.” (But don’t worry, a cliffhanger to entices ya back for episode two.)

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