‘Valor’ on The CW (RECAPS)

Here are Drunk TV recaps for the current season of Valor on The CW.

Blurred Lines (November 20, 2017)
Deception, lies, drunkenness, sex. That’s what its come down to for the Shadow Raiders heading into Thanksgiving. The team gets a lead into finding POW Jimmy thanks to some tricky interrogation work Ian. CIA agent Thea takes it in stride when she learns Zoe (Chelle Ramos), a woman she previously had an affair with, is joining the team. Jess, meanwhile, causes headaches after trying to take matters into her own hands in the search for hubby Jimmy. Elsewhere, the body of a fallen soldier & long lost teammate is returned, contributing to Gallo’s quick spiral (dig how fast did he hits the bottle & becomes a completely different character). BUT, that doesn’t stop him from hitting the sheets (twice!) with sexy Thea (turns out, she likes guys, too).

I Got Your Six (November 13, 2017)
Nora, a “role model for young women everywhere,” can’t seem to shake that nasty pill habit. Question is – will she ever tell Ian? (Must be tough dating an intelligence agent.) Speaking of Ian, his politician mom is throwing a gala, & she’s all over his ass wanting him to follow in her footsteps (she doesn’t like Nora much, either). Gallo, meanwhile, is all over Nora’s ass…he wants to know if he can trust her to kick that addiction (she flies an Army chopper in dangerous missions – I’d want to know too). Elsewhere, POWs Jimmy & Crank attempt an escape, treating viewers to a wild chase in the woods. Jimmy’s wife Jess? She’s (still) tired of being kept in the dark & by gawd, she’s (still) gonna do something about it!

Full Battle Rattle (November 6, 2017)
Nora & Gallo must lead the team to an exchange in order to rescue their captured comrades, but things don’t go as planned (we have an hour of TV we have to fill out, folks). Some good action sequences at the abandoned hospital compound where the team hopes to rescue the POWs, including some good heroics by the women on the mission , Nora & Thea. In her first mission in the field, CIA operative Thea shows she can handle the action, & we finally get to see her equal when Tucker Magnus (Brian Letcher) is called in to take over command when the mission takes a turn for the worse.

Zero Visibility (October 30, 2017)
The CIA (& sexy agent, Thea) become more involved with the team’s mission to rescue two fellow American soldiers, who are still locked up as ransom with their kidnappers wanting ISIS detainees freed in exchange. What? Exchange? Fuhgetaboutit! Our team’s gonna swoop in & do it themselves. But can Nora pilot the chopper without turning to her pill addiction? Or, more importantly, can she turn to her addiction without co-pilot Gallo noticing? Some good flashback scenes show what Nora’s life was like 10 years earlier, before the Army came a callin’.

Soldier Ready (October 23, 2017)
Pill-poppin’ Nora & Gallo continue privately investigating their crappy mission from months ago. Did they save the right person? Just who, exactly, are they dealing with? Meanwhile, someone high up the chain (CIA? Who knows…) is tailing Nora while she follows a thread that could lead her to more answers. Meanwhile, a mission to deliver meds puts the team back in the cockpit, but can Nora fly that badass chopper into enemy territory?

Espirit de Corps (October 16, 2017)
Valor continues to be the junior “soap” of this season’s new network military dramas. Unfortunately, ratings for this outing were lower than last week’s, sparking cancellation chatter. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it while we can. Nora and Gallo continue to hide their secret while further investigating just what the f*ck is happening with that escaped prisoner in Somalia. And what’s up with those two anyway? Do they want each other? Do they not? Are you confused? Ohhh, now it sounds like The CW! But the big question: Can Nora fly that damn chopper without a) crashing and, b) dumping out its occupants? Time will tell. But to be fair she’s got a lot going on, what with said flight training, the investigation, trying to console prisoner Kam’s wife, battling her feelings for Gallo, and being pestered by intelligence agent/live-in boyfriend, Ian (“What’s wrong, Nora? What aren’t you telling me!?”) Meanwhile, there’s formal military ball for all to attend. A mixed bag of decent action & YA soapiness, but fun nonetheless. Now if only someone would tune in…..

Pilot (October 9, 2017)
Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll…and Valor. that’s the name of the game as we meet the characters of The CW’s entry into the crowded field of freshman military-themed dramas featuring special-ops teams taking on dangerous missions. When the elite helicopter team returns from a dangerous mission that killed members of the team and left others captured, they must gear up, train up, & stay sober enough to return to save those left behind. Capt. Leland Gallo (Matt Barr) & Chief Warrant officer Nora Madani (Christina Ochoa) lead the crew of the broken (but smokin’ hot) 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The show sports a lesser budget (lots of green screening on those helicopter sequences) than its similarly-themed competitors (SEAL Team on CBS & NBC’s The Brave). But what it lacks in the action department it makes up for in soap opera drama (this is a CW show, after all). It’s the least realistic of the three, but might wind up being the most fun to watch, if it stays on the air (the series premiere drew in just 1.2 million viewers).

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