‘Dynasty’ on The CW (RECAPS)

Here are Drunk TV recaps for episodes of Dynasty on The CW.

I Exist Only for Me (November 15, 2017)
Bring on the booze & pills, things are getting wild in Atlanta, just in time for Thanksgiving season. Fallon & Jeff’s party for their new Morell Corp. is a hit, but  now-homeless Fallon gets so tanked she has to stay over at Jeff’s. Is this the start of their epic romance? Either way, she still managed to slur her way through convincing a couple tech nerds to license their tech for Morell. But that’s not all; Culhane shows up to the party with Kori, making Fallon a wee bit jealous (how many guys can a girl want? All of them, when necessary). Meanwhile, back home, Claudia finds out she’s pregnant after her accident & winds up staying at the Carrington mansion, but it causes more drama than healing and Blake & Cristal decide she needs to leave. Elsewhere, Sam & Cristal learn that somehow, someone switched Claudia’s meds. Who’s trying to mess up the messed up girl?

Company Slut (November 8, 2017)
In a case of fortuitous timing, Cristal gets to spend her first day as COO of Carrington Atlantic under scrutiny from her colleagues thanks to her sex tape & the mere face that she’s Blake’s wife (how else would she have gotten the position?). Fallon cheats her way to winning a prestigious magazine award, beating out Cristal, who was also in contention. Meanwhile, Steven’s old flame Ted Dinard arrives on the scene hoping to reconnect, but it doesn’t help when he gets caught sleeping with Steven’s other recent fling. Fallon gets booted from the mansion by Blake after it’s learned she did a very bad thing. And a mentally unstable woman gets hit by a car. Oops.

Private as a Circus (November 1, 2017)
Lots of backstabbing & questionable alliances coming to the fore in Dynasty, and we’re only 4 episodes in. Cristal surprises Blake with an impromptu honeymoon to a remote Carrington cabin, only to have whiney Blake complain about the lack of cell service. meanwhile, just who’s behind Matthew’s missing/stolen phone? We find out & it’s just as convoluted as it should be. Fallon, Jeff & chauffeur Michael find new entanglements as everyone tires of Fallon’s bitchy ways (they wouldn’t mind it so much if she’d just get the Atlanta City Council to come down on her & Jeff’s side of a lucrative business deal). Sam & Steven have it out over the phone situation, but in the end, it’s a sex tape that brings families together. There’s  a lot to chew on in this so far Alexis-less Dynasty, though she’s alluded to when Fallon reviews some old letters from her long-gone mother.

Guilt is for Insecure People (October 25, 2017)
Was Blake involved in Matthew’s death? Will Steven get to the truth after dressing down Blake? Fallon goes to great lengths for use of the Carrington name, only to learn she doesn’t need it. And who is the best man for Fallon, chauffeur Michael or Jeff? I think they’d make a great threesome (outside the bedroom, you dirty people!). We learn a bit about Cristal’s past and how she came to the good ‘ol US of A. Which begs the question – does she really love Blake? my money’s on butler Anders to get to the truth (he’s the smartest man in the room. Every room). Blake, meanwhile, can’t seem to keep a hold on important items, like the phone he stole from police evidence. But all this pales in comparison to the 80s-themed charity gala thrown at the Carrington mansion. For my money, it doesn’t get more ’80s than New Wave music, & that’s what we get here, including personal fav, Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me.” Most importantly, a short (though epic by 2017 standards), 15-second version of Bill Conti’s iconic original opening-titles theme makes its debut in this third episode.

Spit It Out (October 18, 2017)
It’s a good thing the Carringtons are rich, because they’re in need of plenty of booze as Blake works to distance his family from Matthew Blaisdel’s death. Jeff & Fallon are up to no good as they attempt to delete some emailed photos of Cristal & Matthew. A celebration of Matthew’s life at the Carrington mansion goes about as well as all the other weddings/celebrations/wakes that have ever taken place at the mansion. And someone gets arrested for Matthew’s death. Kudos to whoever’s in charge of music for cool versions of Duran Duran’s “Notorious” & Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy.” It may not be the ‘80s, but they’re trying.

I Hardly Recognized You (October 11, 2017)
It’s finally here, the return of Gossip Girl Dynasty! If you’re a fan of the original ’80s series, much will be familiar to you. Fallon Carrington is pissed at daddy Blake, because he’s marrying Cristal and giving her a coveted spot at Denver-Carrington Carrington Atlantic. But Cristal has her own problems; side guy Matthew Blaisdel isn’t going quietly (how can he with crazy wife Claudia going nuts?), and Cristal’s niece nephew Sammy Jo is playing hotsie with gay Steven Carrington. There’s a wedding and an explosion, and the whole thing feels like the original first season of 1981’s Dynasty distilled into a single episode. If you’re an older viewer, you might find it distracting seeing all of your favorite characters recast (in many cases with different gender & ethnicity), but if you can set your aging mind at ease (pop that percoset, pour that brandy), you’ll have fun reliving some of the threads that the original series slowly killed off (who would’ve thought the Blaisdels’ story would be a part of this new series?). But if you’re a younger viewer who never watched the original Dynasty,  this is just fine as another Gossip Girl/The OC appointment view. However, with just just 1.23 million viewers out of the gate (it lost around half of lead-in throwback soap Riverdale‘s audience), it might not be around long. But hopefully, it’ll slowly find an audience. (C’mon, millennial viewers, you can do this…)

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