Here are Drunk TV recaps for episodes of SEAL Team on CBS.

The Exchange (November 22, 2017)|
Jason and the rest of SEAL Team have mixed feelings when they’re tasked with navigating a treacherous path to exchange three Taliban soldiers for an American soldier who was captured after deserting his post. A nice showcase for for Sonny (A.J. Buckley), who shows an emotive, serious side as the soldier’s desertion affected one of his friends when it happened back in 2014. (Don’t worry – he’s still a smartass.) Meanwhile, it’s go time  for Clay (Max Theriot) ashe learns which SEAL team drafts him.

Borderlines (November 15, 2017)
When terrorists nab an undercover CIA operative, Jason & the squad have to rescue her, but it’s not as easy as G.I. Joeing there way in there this week – some politicking has to happen before the mission can even happen. A nice turn by Jessica Paré (as CIA agent Mandy Ellis) as she walks that professional-emotional line working out the behind-the-scenes deals that allow the team their one shot at saving the woman. Meanwhile, Clay has one final class to pass for his Tier One candidacy – resisting the enemy after capture! Back home, Jason & Alana make progress on their relationship, despite their not being together (it’s hard getting those tough guys to open up, yo).

The Spinning Wheel (November 8, 2017)
Jason & the team must plan a raid to snatch-and-grab…someone, but will top military brass approve it after they fail several test runs? (C’mon guys – you got 14 minutes to pull this off!) Adding to the stress, Jason has to deal with longtime rival Beau (Sharif Atkins), who’s assigned to oversee the mission. Meanwhile, we witness a new dimension of Clay as he’s charged with delivering the news of a teammate’s death to his loved one. The storytelling is getting better & the mysteries more engrossing, which is a good thing since the show was picked up for a full season. This episode was postponed a week (who wants to compete with World Series game 7 on FOX? Not CBS).

Collapse (October 25, 2017)
Jason and the SEAL Team have their hands full protecting the American Embassy in South Sudan. The hard-headed ambassador there refuses to evacuate leading to instability. Can a single SEAL team save the embassy? And what in the world was Jason’s dead friend up to when he died? Good action sequences and a good overall rollout of the overarching mystery, which the writers feed the viewers bit by bit, week by week.

Ghosts of Christmas Future (October 18, 2017)
Jason and the rest of The Brave SEAL Team find themselves facing off against an equal while trying to capture a dangerous war criminal. But that’s nothing compared to Jason’s trip to the principal’s office with ex-wife Alana to discuss why their kid is acting out. Analyst Mandy may or may not be getting played the fool by higher-ups pressing her to risk the team’s safety in the daring snatch-and-grab mission. And running parallel to all this is outsider Clay, still training to make SEAL Team and dealing not just with his bar hookup/girlfriend, but his all-star former Navy SEAL father as well, who’s in town on a book-signing tour. Tucked underneath the action is the season-long arc (so far) about Jason’s ex-team member & what he might have been hiding before his death…each episode we’re fed a little nibble of the mystery, & it’s shaking out to be a good one. Gritty drama infused with decent family drama, this week SEAL Teamers learned the show was picked up for a full season by CBS, despite viewership declining by about a million viewers for this fourth outing.

Boarding Party (October 11, 2017)
No better place for a SEAL team than in the water, & that’s where the team must go to  rescue researchers held hostage on their floating laboratory on the South China Sea. Jason continues snooping into his dead friend’s past after a mysterious cell phone is found (was he a government spy, or just cheating on his wife?) Clay, meanwhile, isn’t happy with his “bottom five” status & turns into a complete asshole (hopefully, just for this episode). SEAL Team continues bringing high-budget action thrills to the small screen, and this third episode marked the third straight week of viewership over 8 million.

Other Lives (October 4, 2017)
Jason & the team are on an evidence-collecting mission in Syria when things go sideways (you knew they were gonna go sideways, right?) A chemical attack has left cattle dead in the region & when the team descends on the laboratory to collect evidence of this atrocity, they find tons of ailing humans, forcing Jason to wrestle with the emotional side of the mission, despite his squad members’ pleas to keep him on track. Can he & the SEAL team find a way to save these people and complete the evidence-gathering mission? A fun outing that fleshes out the characters’ backstories a little more without skimping on the action set pieces, of which there are plenty. This episode notched over 8 million viewers & was the most-watched network show that night, besting its lead-in Survivor.

Tip of the Spear (September 27, 2017)
In the series premiere we meet the SEAL Team, beginning with team leader (& former Angel vampire & Bones FBI agent) David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes. As top dog, Hayes isn’t without issues as the series opens with him refusing to discuss with his shrink the death of a fellow SEAL in a previous mission, which he blames himself for. Has he lost his nerve? Does he still have what it takes? Can he pull the trigger when needed? Those questions dog him in this opening outing, where the team is assembled (almost Mission: Impossible style, except they’re all hanging out at a bar mitzvah, not spread all over the world), to snuff out a foreign baddie. We learn Hayes is divorced (his ex-wife is the “mature” one, trying to keep their teen kids in line while he plays G.I. Joe), but she seems to understand. The action is top notch & suspenseful as the team deals with a cocky, young new member & a curve ball: A hostage crisis has popped up during the mission, turning it into a “snatch and grab.” Can they capture/kill the terrorist & save the hostage? Will the hostage perish? Will the terrorist escape? Will I learn proper Navy SEAL terminology by watching? Time will tell. The episode got better as it went along, though it played out similarly to the first ep of NBC’s The Brave, which premiered just two days earlier (highly skilled special ops team on mission after bad guy in Middle East gets sidetracked by hostage crisis, winds up solving both problems in the end). I’m betting there will be comparisons (& friendly competition) between the two shows, along with Valor over on The CW.

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