‘Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels’: Is this Charlie’s Angels: The Animated Series?

Yes, you didn’t read that clickbait headline incorrectly: we have MORE Charlie’s Angels review action coming your way! Yes! The original show! Another season! The sixth! Well, not the sixth exactly, but still the original! Well…maybe not the original show, but pretty close! Pretty close! Almost the same thing! I mean, well….

‘Charlie’s Angels’ (Season 5): Introducing Tanya Roberts – the last original Angel

Screw Gidget—Charlie’s Angels Goes Hawaiian and for five crank it-worthy episodes the fifth and final season of the ABC female detective series is nothing short of a frenzied whack-fest

‘Shogun’ (1980): NBC’s blockbuster miniseries premiered 40 years ago

Now, what’s a Drunk TV virtual Fall TV season..without some special event television (“We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming tonight because of the f*cking actor’s strike to bring you an NBC Movie Event!”)?

‘Scarecrow and Mrs. King’ (Season 1): Fun, Romantic, Reagan-era spy adventure

A few years ago, Warner Bros. released Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete First Season, a 5-disc, 21-episode collection of the 1983-1984 premier season of the light, charming action/adventure comedy/romance series starring Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner.

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‘Dallas’ (Season 2): A cheatin’, double-crossin’, backstabbin’ legacy begins

It’s been over forty years since CBS’ Dallas, in its sophomore 1978-79 season, moved to Friday nights and started its run as the highest-rated TV series of the first half of the 1980s.