What happened on ‘The Night Of’? HBO has the answer

The Night Of, HBO’s newest “limited series” drama, is dark and mysterious.

We’re not given many clues in the trailer as to what’s going on. (Good job keeping the mystery, trailer producer/editor.)

Something bad happened at the beach, and I suspect the series will unravel the mystery for us week by week.

Here’s that preview trailer:

Based (loosely) on the 2008 BBC series Criminal Justice, the eight-part crime drama was reportedly to star James Gandolfini (The Sopranos).

After his death, Robert De Niro signed on to star but ultimately couldn’t fit it into his schedule.

So who do we get?

John Turturro!

He plays a defense attorney whose client (played by Riz Ahmed) is accused of murdering a woman on New York’s Upper West Side.

And because this is a “limited series,” that means it’s going to be good, right?

The Night Of premieres (when else?) the night of Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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