‘Stranger Things’: A 1980s supernatural mystery

The 1980s. Were there ever stranger days? A time when Stranger Things were a happenin’?

If you like throwin’ it back, you might check out this new Netflix offering.

Wynona Rider (Beetlejuice, Heathers, Edward Scissorhands) stars in Stranger Things, another original from the digital net.

We get the eighties vibe, a small-town mystery and some supernatural elements.

The show was created by Matt and Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines) and director Sean Levy (Night at the Museum).

According to a print ad, the show “is a love letter to 80’s entertainment, but nothing is quite what it seems in this totally 2016 mystery.”

Here’s trailer #1:

Younger viewers who don’t watch 80s TV/cinema are likely to be frightened by a few things — no smartphones, no texting, no social media.

Wanna make a phone call? That baby’s attached to the wall. And you better actually know the numerical digits you need to dial or you’re screwed.

In 80s horror/thriller films, that meant cut phone lines and cars that wouldn’t start when you needed them to.

What else could go wrong?

Lets look at trailer #2.

It’s still funny hearing kids cuss in the 80s.

Trailer #2 gives the show a little more of a whimsical look, so it might not be all dark and gloomy; hopefully there will be some light and fun moments as well.

And look at that 80s horror movie title font! Is that Halloween or Phantasm? I can’t quite place it, but it’s a nice retro look.

This would be fun to watch on a weekly basis like we did in the old days, but this is Netflix, and all 8 episodes of Stranger Things are available to stream on July 15, 2016.

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