Political satire on Fusion: ‘Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef’

“Bassem thinks he’s found a quick fix for our nation’s immigration problem: Stop making yourself look so enticing to the rest of the world, and take a cue from Flint, Michigan, where the water crisis will help keep away those pesky immigrants.”

So says the Fusion’s description of Bassem Youssef, who we can assume will cover the Republican National Convention for the cable net.

This comes just as the launch of Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef hits the airwaves (& interwebs).

Fans of Jon Stewart may remember Youssef as a guest, and comparisons between Al Bernameg, Youssef’s earlier show in Egypt, and Stewart’s The Daily Show have been made by fans of TV political humor and satire.

Interesting to note that Youssef was a cardiac surgeon in his native Egypt before turning TV host.

His brand of political funny got him in trouble a few times, as referenced in the above preview.

Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef comes to Fusion on Sunday, July 17. According to the network, episodes will be available in their entirety on Fusion’s website, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, AppleTV and other OTT providers.

The one-hour “Democracy Handbook” television special premieres July 17, 2016 at 9 p.m. on Fusion’s cable network.

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