LeBron James + Plinko + simple math = NBC’s ‘The Wall’

What do you get when you add NBA superstar-turned-TV-producer LeBron James to a dose of Price is Right‘s Plinko and combine with cocktail of simple addition and subtraction?

The Wall, of course.

It’s NBC’s newest prime time game show.

“The Wall Giveth, the Wall Taketh Away,” says the show’s slogan.

Given its simplicity and that it’s a trivia show at hear, it could catch on. And I do get a kick out of the “drama” as seen in the trailer as contests are reduced to tears when the ball doesn’t quite drop where they want it. But hey, millions of dollars are at stake!

Chris Hardwick hosts.

The Wall premieres December 19, 2016 at 10 p.m. with a special preview episode on NBC.

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