‘Blood Drive’ on SyFy: Feed your engine!

SyFy is set to premiere Blood Drive, a dystopian thriller set in the god-awful future year of…1999. And it could be fun.

The grindhouse-inspired throwback (some promotional materials are tagged “Midnight Grindhouse Presents”) depicts a nearly lawless society where the last standing good cop tangles with an assortment of colorful villains at a violent underground cross-country car rally.

Oh, and since oil reserves are depleted, the cars run on…you guessed it–human blood.

From writer James Roland (Weeds), Universal Cable Productions, and executive producers John Hlavin and David Straiton, the 13-episode series premieres on June 14, 2017, starring Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Thomas Dominique, Colin Cunningham, and Sean Cameron Michael.

Reminiscent of modern grindhouse homage-revivals such as Death Proof and Drive Angry, Blood Drive could prove successful if it’s able to cut through the cable clutter and deliver the bonkers experience we saw in the trailer. It’ll make its case over the course of 13 hour-long episodes.

The show may be a corporate production, but at least they’re attempting to keep the pulpy spirit alive.

You can find more trailers at the Blood Drive official website.

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