‘Swedish Dicks’: American-Swedish web comedy comes to cable

You may have already seen Swedish Dicks on the internet. And apparently you liked it.

The program proved popular enough that the 10-episode series about mismatched, unlicensed private investigators bumbling their way through Los Angeles is getting its own big(ger)-screen run on the small screen.

Cable net Pop is set to premiere Swedish Dicks‘ United States TV run on August 9.

Note the trailer says the show premiered on August 2, but other online sources say it bows August 9. Whatever; it’s been online somewhere since 2016, so does it matter? (Just track it down if you’re interested.)

Peter Stormare and Johan Glans are the stars of Swedish Dicks.

These two play a former stuntman and a Swedish DJ who team up to launch their own agency. I can somewhat relate; I’m a DJ myself, and I once crashed a car. (That counts.)

I’m a sucker for any series about private investigators, dating back to my favorite shows of the 20th century (Simon & Simon, anyone?), so I’m happy to see Pop bringing this one out of foreign web obscurity. (What the hell is Pop, anyway? Oh! It’s the old TV Guide Network, re-branded as Pop in 2015.)

Also, Keanu Reeves is here, along with guests including Margaret Cho, Eric Roberts, Anthony LaPaglia, and Traci Lords.

Swedish Dicks airs at 8 p.m. on August 9, 2017 (apparently).

Traci Lords? Oh hell, I’m in.

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