Feel that sense tingling? It’s ‘Marvel’s Spider Man’

He’s friendly! And he’s coming to your neighborhood! (Once again.)

Disney XD is bringing yet another version of your favorite web-slinger to the small screen with Marvel’s Spider-Man.

This new edition offers up a fast pace and light tone.

This is high school Peter Parker, a superhero navigating the ups and downs of being a 15-year-old while also trying to fight crime.

The cast breaks down the themes and overall feel in this featurette:

Adults who love Spider-Man will no doubt eat up this modern take, and the light tone (with a teenage Peter Parker and gang) will appeal to youngsters i the audience too.

Marvel’s Spider-Man premieres August 19, 2017 at 7 a.m. on Disney XD. (7 a.m. on a Saturday? We called that a Saturday morning cartoon in my day…)

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