Are you ready for 440+ hours of ‘Gunsmoke’?

Hey Western and vintage television fans out there in Drunk TV land (would you please sober up—just look at yourselves!), have we got a ridiculous notion for you.

By Paul Mavis

Howdjalikeit if I reviewed CBS’s all-time TV Western champ, Gunsmoke? Now, I don’t just mean a season here or there, or a handful of episodes from each season…like they fake over at that verkakte place I used to write for (may they rot in hell).

Gunsmoke The Complete Series 65th Anniversary Collection boxset 1

No, no, no: I mean the entire series that ran on CBS from 1955 to 1975, and starred James Arness, Amanda Blake, Milburn Stone, Ken Curtis, Dennis Weaver, Burt Reynolds, Buck Taylor, Roger Ewing, and hundreds of guest stars: the longest-running primetime live-action series of the 20th century. That’s 635 episodes spread out over 20 season reviews! Sounds crazy, right? Well shoreit is!

Gunsmoke The Complete Series 65th Anniversary Collection boxset 2

CBS DVD and Paramount have just released a mammoth 147 disc 65th Anniversary Collection DVD boxed set, Gunsmoke: The Complete Collection, which runs an astonishing 440+ hours…and that’s not counting the overwhelming assortment of extras, including original sponsor spots (love those cigarette ads…), audio commentaries, featurettes, photo galleries, and more!

Gunsmoke The Complete Series 65th Anniversary Collection boxset 3

We aim to looksee this whole set, pardners, so saddle up for one hell of a long ride in the coming months (…and years and decades, most likely)! Yee doggies: Gunsmoke: The Complete Series is a’comin’ to Drunk TV!

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4 thoughts on “Are you ready for 440+ hours of ‘Gunsmoke’?”

  1. For whatever, i preferred the half hour shows way over the 60 minute Gunsmoke’s — add Have Gun Will travel, but deduct Bonanza, Wagon Train and The Virginian, which was even longer, though I did relate to James Drury. Asa to my problem with the long form westers, very simple; soap opera shit designed to please the school girl progressive in every boy, otherwise, how could they sustain.


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