‘The Murder of Laci Peterson’ hopes to cover new ground

For those of you who love true crime and just can’t get enough of the Laci Peterson murder case (and you know you can’t) comes this new series from A&E.

The Murder of Laci Peterson, a 6-episode series set to air on the cable network, aims to take a fresh look at the Scott Peterson trial to “deliver a definitive factual account through unprecedented access and interviews from those closest to the case – including Scott Peterson,” the studio description says.

Scott Peterson was convicted in 2004. It’s interesting to note (at least according to the trailer) that he’s never spoken publicly from prison, “until now.”

For those more schooled in the case than I am, you’ll definitely want to check it out, if for anything to catch details you might have previously missed.

The Murder of Laci Peterson premiere’s on A&E August 15, 2017 at 10 p.m.

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