‘Get Shorty’ series not what you might expect

Remember that great 1995 crime comedy (crimedy?) based on the Elmore Leonard novel? This ain’t it.

But it might be good,

In television’s quest to mine each and every conceivable property they’ve already exploited, the hit mid-90s film Get Shorty gets the latest small screen update by writer/producer Davey Holmes (Shameless).

The catch is that this series doesn’t adhere to the original story of the film or novel. (The film at least attempted to follow the events of the novel.)

Instead, think of how the TV series Fargo is only in-name-only and inspired by the earlier film. Get Shorty similarly follows that path.

A good cast could make this one a winner, and I especially enjoyed Ray Romano in HBO’s failed ’70s record industry drama, Vinyl. He just hits the right notes in these less-than-sweet roles, making it fun to see the former family sitcom actor in a different setting.

Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd), Sean Bridgers (Deadwood, Rectify) and Lidia Porto also star.

Get Shorty premieres August 13, 2017 at 10 p.m. on cable net Epix.

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