A year to remember: Drunk TV’s 2020

You must be stuck at home quarantining, dear readers, because you turned out in droves in 2020, visiting Drunk TV in record numbers for your fix of fun, lively TV talk of the vintage variety―and we now know how much you love Shelley Hack!

Forgetting the real-world crapper that was 2020, we had another fun year here at Drunk TV Tower. We knocked out 42 in-depth posts on mostly classic television in 2020, which was five more than in 2019. But more importantly, our traffic exploded as we nearly tripled the amount of visitors that found their way to our small corner of the web. There are now thousands of you visiting each month, and for that we thank you!

So, what brought you here in 2020? Easy: Aaron Spelling.

On the heels of Mill Creek Entertainment‘s classy Blu-ray release of Charlie’s Angels: The Complete Series, we upped the ante and offered not one―but five(!) reviews of the series, one for each season of the original show. This series of reviews by Paul Mavis are the most comprehensive Charlie’s Angels reviews we can find online.

‘Charlie’s Angels’ (Season 4): We wanted Shelley Hack…but got Tiffany Welles instead
Readers can’t get enough of Charlie’s Angels, clicking on our season 4 review in record numbers

And with that in mind, top honors for our most-read article of 2020 goes to our Charlie’s Angels: Season 4 review, which highlights the penultimate season of the original series that featured newcomer Shelley Hack as Tiffany Welles, who joined the Angels following the departure of Kate Jackson after season 3.

It’s clear that our readers love the ladies; in our Top 10 most-visited articles for 2020, five of those slots are taken by the Charlie’s Angels reviews (they placed 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 10th, respectively). Who can compete with that?

Well, just ask Aaron Spelling. Another of his shows has proven popular among Drunk TV readers: The Love Boat. Our season 3 review was the second-most read article in 2020, and our season 4 review clocked in at No. 4 for the year.

Sandwiched between the Angels is our reviews for The Love Boat, another escapist treat from Aaron Spelling

With Charlie’s Angels and The Love Boat nabbing the top six slots in our Top 10, it was a couple handsome fellas at a junk shop that broke the string: Our series overview of Sanford and Son was the seventh-most read article of 2020.

Visitors loved reading about Sanford and Son in 2020!

But our readers believe women should receive the highest accolades, so following the Sanford boys, No. 8 on our list goes to that stunning former beach babe Gena Lee Nolin and our season 1 review of the 2000 syndicated hit Sheena, another series released on home media by our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment. Rounding out the Top 10, in the No. 9 slot, is our review of the 1994 miniseries Scarlett, a sequel to the classic film, Gone with the Wind. Nice work, ladies!

Gena Lee Nolin in 2000’s Sheena – a popular show with Drunk TV readers

Now for some honorable mentions.

MeTV viewers over the summer went searching for information on the short-lived 1982 sci-fi series, The Powers of Matthew Star, and they found what they were looking for here at Drunk TV with our series review the 11th-most-visited article of the year. Other past articles our readers enjoyed included reviews for the miniseries The Key to Rebecca, the I Dream of Jeannie…Fifteen Years Later reunion movie, Petrocelli‘s season 2 review, and the Hart to Hart reunion film, Secrets of the Hart, all finishing in our top 20.

The Powers of Matthew Star gained notoriety in summer 2020 when MeTV began airing it

New content we posted in 2020 also landed in the top 20, including reviews for the ’80s miniseries Lace, The Donna Reed Show‘s first season, a Mama’s Family complete series overview and the first season of Mister Ed.

Lace 08
Phoebe Cates & pet in the 1984 miniseries Lace

What was the least-visited new article of the year? Our season 1 review of the Nickelodeon classic, Hey Dude. What, no love for the kids? C’mon, dudes! We suspect fans will eventually find it and show it to their friends, who will then show it to their friends, and then show it to their friends, and, well, you know…

The cast of Nickelodeon’s Hey Dude

With that, stay tuned as we plan to roll out much more content for you to sink your teeth into in 2021. Also, check out our new Patreon page, and if you’re able and willing, help us out and become a patron (for as little as $1 per month).

Thanks for making it a great 2020 here at Drunk TV!

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